winded mind
winding down
second wind blows
all to pieces
all the speeches
wasted breathless echos

she sees a beach
I see a desert
I see a leech
she sees a convert

I recall the ex-communication
splotches of thought
stain the remains
dripping forgotten losses
through the conduit of
her grinning thin lips
gravely wave and
save my resignation
for the
coughing cold evening

naked in the rain with no hands
or game no cards or hand to play
at my rope’s end, at my wit’s end
got a call from God
He said i
and the4 weather’s fair
it’s all love and war
gave my umbrella away before
the downfall

So it seems I’ve been demoted
as you’ve been de-voted my volition nihl
stitching the pills into the pocket
bulgin with bloated rot, on my lost head
good night sweet nightmares
seems we’ve both been committed
all along split down the middle
the sutures ruptured from the gun shot
from day 1 we’ve both been bound in
knots now I’m bent, and I’ve
been sent straight to the happy house
see you when you creep into my dreams,

May all your dreams be splendid surreal
and saucy, filled with plots and loss
of me and my creepy non-being, and
furthermore may you never wake.


I’m glad we could reach this
agreement, darling

(I feel much better now. Thank you.)